Those of you who read about the Essential team's AMA on reddit yesterday probably saw that Essential was working on Verizon certification for the PH-1 (PH-One, get it?). Andy Rubin has lived up to his word; just a day later, the Essential Phone has indeed gotten fully certified for Big Red.

This is pretty impressive considering the exact words that Rubin said in the AMA yesterday. Here they are, if you haven't yet seen our roundup post (and you should take a look, there's a lot of interesting stuff in there):

"We have been in the certification process with Verizon and are at the tail end. Could come as soon as tomorrow! These certifications really help enhance our overall quality, so your patience will pay off!"

Granted, it's been a few weeks since the Essential Phone started shipping, but the proper support is here now. It's also worth mentioning how popular OnePlus's devices have become and how they're still not compatible with the largest carrier in the US, and yet Essential was able to go ahead and have their first phone certified in a somewhat timely manner. If you own an Essential Phone and have tried sliding a Verizon SIM inside to no avail, just give it a reboot and you should be good to go.