Into the Dead's developer PIKPOK has just revealed a trailer and announced a release date for their sequel Into The Dead 2. We can expect this sequel to land on the Play Store on October 13th, which just so happens to be a Friday. Yep, Into The Dead 2 will be releasing on Friday the 13th, which to tell the truth seems pretty appropriate for a zombie game.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, it is a zombie runner game that uses motion controls to weave the protagonist through an endless horde of zombies. While the gameplay sounds pretty basic, those of you who have tried the original title will know that the experience is anything but.

After viewing the newly released trailer (shown above), it would appear that PIKPOK isn't deviating too much from the original game's design for this sequel. What is noticeable however is the fact that Into The Dead 2 looks a lot more polished. From the hints of a tortured and regretful protagonist, the gorgeously foggy graphics, to the fittingly depressing country soundtrack, everything about this sequel looks and sounds like a step above PIKPOK's first offering in this series.

While details are still light, what we do know is that Into The Dead 2 will contain an evolving story, multiple immersive environments, as well as multiple endings. You can also expect daily and special event modes along with new canine companions that will help you through your journey by fending off zombies.

If these details sound intriguing to you, then please feel free to pre-register for the title. This can be done through the Play Store or by signing up for PIKPOK's newsletter. Those of you who decide to pre-register should be glad to hear that your early support will not go unnoticed as you'll receive a free SMG weapon along with an expected notification the second Into The Dead 2 officially launches.

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival
Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival
Developer: PIKPOK
Price: Free+

Press Release

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, September 15, 2017 - Leading games publisher PikPok® today announced that their new game Into the Dead® 2 will launch on October 13, 2017 for Android on Google Play, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store.Into the Dead 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Into the Dead (70+ million downloads), the hit endless zombie runner released by PikPok in 2012. Following the gruesome style of the first game, Into the Dead 2 sees the addition of an evolving narrative, deeper gameplay, and highly crafted levels, offering players even more of an immersive and action-packed experience than the fan favourite original.

“Into the Dead has been a huge success for the studio, reaching tens of millions of players across a myriad of platforms” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director of PikPok. “Continuing the franchise with Into the Dead 2, we’ve massively expanded on the concepts explored in the original, adding much more content, depth, and longevity that will appeal to existing fans and new players alike.  The release of the game is a huge and satisfying milestone for PikPok.”

In Into the Dead 2, players journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save their family. Armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons, players must fend off ever-increasing zombie threats while crossing treacherous terrain. In a world where no one is safe, players must do whatever it takes to keep moving; whether it’s slaying zombies from atop vehicles, stabbing them to survive, or risking going after them on foot. With their family’s rescue and reunion on the line, players will be pushed on far they are willing to go to make it out alive.

The Into the Dead 2 app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android features:

  • Evolving story and multiple endings - complete 7 action-packed chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenges
  • Powerful weapons and ammo perks - unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more!
  • Varied gameplay - fire from military gun emplacements, slay the hordes from atop vehicles, stab them to stay alive, or risk going after them on foot
  • Multiple, immersive environments - discover different locations, from oil fields and military bases to campsites and rural farm communities
  • Ever-increasing zombie threats - adapt your tactics to annihilate different hordes, including armoured and running zombies!
  • Daily and special event modes - prove your skills to win exclusive prizes
  • Loyal canine companions - fend off zombies and stay protected in the field
The Into the Dead 2 app will be available for free for Android on Google Play, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store from the 13th October 2017:
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