Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy has seemingly made it his goal to get as many Oreo features as possible working in his launcher. We've already got notification dots and free access to the Pixel-style features of the app. Now, Action Launcher v28 (previously in beta) is rolling out with support for a new companion app—an icon pack. This isn't just any icon pack, though. It's all adaptive icons.

Here's the changelog for Action Launcher v28, which is mostly related to the new icon pack.

  • AdaptivePack integration (naturally!).
  • Full Adaptive Icon style customization options, allowing you to pick from five icon styles: circle, square, rounded square, teardrop and squircle.
  • Adaptive Icon support is now integrated into Quickedit, so you can customize the icon Adaptive Icon style on a per-app basis.
  • A brand new icon picker.
  • Improved compatibility when running on Oreo, including use of the light navigation bar.

Adaptive icons are built-into Android 8.0 to allow developers to specify multiple icon shapes. Google demoed this ability during the O developer preview with options like teardrop and squircle. You don't need to wait for Android O to reach your device to get adaptive icons; you just need to use Action Launcher and have a few bucks to spare. Yes, the new AdaptivePack is a paid app.

The regular price will be $4.99, but it's on sale right now for $3.49. It has about 500 icons included, covering many of the most popular apps. You can use a new menu in Action Launcher to choose the theme of your icons in this pack. There are circles, squares, and so on. There are still some gaps in the icon pack for me, but Lacy says the number of apps in the icon pack will grow over time. The icon pack app itself has a place where you can request new icons as well.

Action Launcher and AdaptivePack can work their magic on any phone running Lollipop or higher. You'll need the full version of Action Launcher, too.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition