Everyone's favorite reader app, Feedly, seems to be having some problems on Android right now. For some users, version 37.3.0 (which was released back in June) has started crashing every time it's opened. I can confirm the issue on my Pixel XL, and it looks a little something like this...


Thankfully, the Feedly devs have been quick to act, first putting out a statement on Twitter saying they were looking into it. Artem even had a little chat with them to try to help them figure it out. And in even less time than they promised they've already pushed an update to fix the issue. If you're having the same problems, update to version 38.0.0 and that should do the trick.

I've updated on my device, and voila, I can now open and use Feedly as normal. So well done to the Feedly team. It's great to see such a quick response to what must have been a pretty widespread issue. Solving it in roughly 5 hours and pushing an update on the Play Store is pretty impressive.

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