Android One is having somewhat of a resurgence right now. Xiaomi just released an Android One phone, and Motorola might be working on an A1 version of the Moto X4. Now it looks like HTC will be releasing one too, albeit with a massive bottom bezel.

Developer and occasional leaker @LlabTooFeR revealed the news on Twitter:

'HTC Ocean_Life' is the codename for an upcoming HTC budget phone, and its public name will most likely be the U11 Life (all of the 'U' phones have had 'Ocean' in their codenames). Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, further confirmed this by posting a picture of the device:

He clarified in a later tweet that the image isn't of the Android One variant, but the normal U11 Life (hence the HTC Sense UI and apps). I'm usually not one to complain about bezels, but that bottom bezel is absolutely ridiculous. The home button isn't even centered!

Design complaints aside, I'm glad to see HTC jump into Android One. I just hope its next A1 device doesn't look like an iPod Nano.