Foldable smartphones with bendy screens have seemingly been on the horizon for some time. It's seen by some as the next great innovation in the industry, essentially giving you a tablet sized screen in a device with the footprint of a phone. While we've seen numerous concepts and heard many proclamations, nothing concrete has surfaced just yet. But that doesn't stop companies like Samsung from talking about it. In the latest comments to come from the Korean firm, Koh Dong-jin, president of mobile business, says the first flexible device could be ready in 2018.

It's an exciting prospect, and we've seen Q1/Q2 2018 touted as a potential launch date before. It's still wise not to get your hopes up, though. In 2016 we heard it was coming in 2017 and we even saw patent drawings for one design. It's obviously wise to take this latest news with a grain of salt, then, and business leaders often have ulterior motives for releasing certain tidbits of information at certain times. What Koh did say was that the "current goal is next year" for the foldable Galaxy Note device. He also said that there are still problems, and intimated that there's no exact timeline for overcoming them, which means the project could easily slip again.

Apparently, Samsung is also working with Harman, which it acquired last year, on creating an AI-enabled, voice controlled speaker to rival Google Home and Amazon Echo. With Apple gearing up to release its Homepod, it makes sense that Samsung should have a Bixby-powered smart speaker of its own, so this comes as no surprise.

While we await further news, just look at how much easier it will be to find love when you eventually get a bendy phone...