There's an Apple event happening at this moment, during which the company will probably brag about how unified its iOS user base it. Google chose right now to update the platform versions in the developer dashboard. Android is, well, not entirely unified, but that's nothing new. Nougat is still gaining this month, Marshmallow is on the decline, and there's no sign of Oreo yet.

Here's the breakdown of this month's changes.

The changes are pretty clear this month. Both versions of Nougat are up slightly, with a total share of 15.8%. That's still tracking almost three percent behind Marshmallow at this time last year. Every other build is down less than a percent, including Marshmallow. That version was still gaining as recently as last month.

Oreo started rolling out to Pixel and Nexus devices a few weeks ago, but it hasn't hit the requisite 0.1% share to appear on the list. If history is any guide, it'll be another month or two before that happens. Hopefully Project Treble can speed things up in the future.