We received a tip today about a strange problem affecting bluetooth on the Moto G4 Plus, and it has something to do with Google Play Protect. It seems as though the issue is fairly widespread, too, as there are a number of reports on the Lenovo forums from disgruntled users. If you're also experiencing the problem, well fear not as there is a way to fix it.

What appears to be happening is that Google Play Protect on the Moto G4 Plus (running Nougat 7.0) is mistaking a system app called Bluetooth Share 7.0 for something unsafe. Play Protect then disables the app and asks if you want it to be removed. Why wouldn't you trust Google Play Protect? Of course, most people are saying yes and this is what's causing bluetooth to fail when called upon. After turning on bluetooth, it seems to have a think for a moment or two before just shutting off.

One user on the forum has a solution, however. As the bluetooth sharing app is a system app, it's not as simple as finding it on the Play Store and re-downloading it. Luckily, the app hasn't really been deleted from the phone – it's just disabled. While it's not possible to simply re-enable it, if you navigate to Settings > Applications > Reset Application Settings you can revert back to the way things were.

Unfortunately, this method will mess up settings you have selected on other apps, too, but at least it's a lot less painful than doing a full factory reset, so that's a marginal win. Unless you don't really use bluetooth, anyway, in which case you may decide to just do nothing – your call. Hopefully, Lenovo and Google will get together and figure out why this is happening in the meantime.

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