Oh Ellen, it's stuff like this that could make me love and respect you just a little bit less. Boy, what am I saying? I'm joking, I swear. You'd have to do a lot more than ignore Android for 3 years to annoy me, and I do work for Android Police. We could have arrested you for this unforgivable offense and had you on trial for ignoring the majority of smartphone owners. That'd make a good skit actually, we'd be dressed in Android policemen and policewomen costumes, we'd barge in on you during the show... Oops, I got carried away.

If you're wondering, ellentube launched on iOS in October of 2014 and you'd be forgiven to think the app would have come to Android a little later. Try as we might, we couldn't find any trace of it on the Play Store, but we did find it on the Amazon Appstore. Based on the screenshots though, that seems to be ignored and stuck on v1 of the app, while it has since been updated numerous times on iOS to reach v4.0

Without digressing again, ellentube has officially made its way now to the Play Store. It has the same look as v4 on iOS and seems to offer the same features: access to clips from Ellen's show, fan videos, and ellentube original videos, plus the option to upload your own clips for Ellen's challenges, grab tickets to attend the show, and so on.

ellentube is free on the Play Store so all you gotta do is point your finger to the widget below and grab it. You know you want to. You know you can't resist the Ellen charm.