Hulu's Android app is pretty great. It supports multi-window (something that Netflix still hasn't figured out), and the interface looks great. But one of the few features noticeably missing has been full-screen scrubbing. In other words, when you skipped around the timeline of a movie/show, there would be no preview available. Not even the tiny thumbnail that the YouTube app has.

With the latest update, v3.10.1.250326, Hulu has finally added full-screen scrubbing. To get an idea of how it works, here is a demo of scrubbing on the old version (Hulu doesn't allow screen recording):

And here is scrubbing now:

The update also has a few minor changes worth noting. The show details menu only takes up half the screen now (it used to cover the entire screen), and playback of recorded content that is still live will now start from the beginning. You can download Hulu from the Play Store below, or grab it from APKMirror.