After much leaking, the Galaxy Note8 finally made its official debut about two weeks ago. As we expected, it's a fantastic phone, with virtually no downsides aside from its price. But how does it hold up against JerryRigEverything's durability tests? Just like its little brother, the Galaxy S8, the Note8 holds up remarkably well against all this torture.

After unboxing the device, Zack (not Jerry) gets right into the testing. As most smartphone displays do, the Note8's scratches at a Moh's level 6 hardness, and a razor blade is unable to leave any marks. Since the front-facing camera and sensors are also covered by Gorilla Glass 5, those are also well-protected. The earpiece is metal, so it's pretty sturdy. The S Pen does scratch, but that doesn't affect its usability, and it can't get stuck in the phone when inserted backwards.

The back glass is also Gorilla Glass 5, so it scratches at the same level 6. It does collect fingerprints rather easily, as all glass backs do. The cameras, flash, HRM, and fingerprint sensor sit on an elevated platform, and the cameras aren't fazed by Zack's razor. The fingerprint sensor does scratch, but it can still be set up and read fingerprints without issue. Since the Note8's frame and buttons are metal, they can be scraped. Zack also does his signature screen flame test, and the screen gets permanently damaged after about ten seconds. Lastly, the bend test reveals that the phablet's frame is very strong, and that the phone is nearly impossible to bend.

Considering how much the Note8 costs, it's probably best to use a case and screen protector anyway, but it's nice to know that the phone won't fall apart without those things. If you enjoy seeing expensive smartphones get damaged (and hearing Zack's digs at Apple), you can watch the video via the embed above or the source link below.