We've been talking about Facer since the early days of Android Wear; even before third-party watch faces were officially supported. The app has gone through some big changes over the years, and today it's getting one of its largest updates ever. Facer 4.0 adds content from a number of traditional watchmakers, along with a revamped website, wrist selfies (yes, really), and a system to detect copyright infringement. Okay, you're probably not going to be happy about that last one.

The most significant change this time around is Facer's partnership with several matchmakers to get official watch face designs on the Facer store. These come from Maurice Lacroix, ArtyA, Snyper, MVMT, Manufaktur Waldhoff, and VAER. There are 16 total styles available today with more on the way. Perhaps as a consequence of this, Facer now has an automated copyright protection feature called Brand Protector. This feature apparently uses machine learning to scan published designs for possible infringement, then alerts participating brand partners. This does not appear to affect any watch faces you make for your own personal use.

The Facer app is getting support for a number of new features like brand pages, cover images, and demo videos. There's also a button to snap a wrist selfie after applying a new watch face. The app can then publish the pics to social networks for you. You know, if that's something you want to do.

There are some other odds and ends in this update, which you can find out about in the full blog post. It really is a big update. Facer is free to download, but some of the content costs a few bucks.

Facer Watch Faces
Facer Watch Faces
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