BLU doesn't make the best phones out there, but they present a fantastic value. The company has a history of delivering "good-enough" at a great price. So with Sprint's coverage site spilling the beans on the upcoming BLU S1, customers on the CDMA carrier should have reason to celebrate. 

We aren't sure if the S1 will be postpaid as well as BYOD, but it is listed as a BYOD-eligible device. Either way, it represents the first device from the manufacturer to work on Sprint's CDMA network. Most of the marketing material we've found shows the Amazon Underground app on the phone's home screen, which could point to it being sold on Amazon.

It's a questionable source, but Best Cellular has a listing for the S1 that pegs the phone's price at $159.95. Season these claims with suitable salt, but according to Best Cellular, the S1 will include MediaTek's MTK6750 8-core SoC, Android 7.0 Nougat, 5.2" HD display (likely 720p), a 2,800mAh battery, 2GB RAM/16GB storage, and a 13MP camera.

If you go to Sprint's coverage site, you can see the listing for the phone yourself. Select "Get device-specific coverage" on the right, in the drop-down select "Newest devices," and the first phone on the list is the BLU S1. With a product listing already up at one site, and Sprint's coverage map updated to support it, we might hear more about this device soon.