T-Mobile's Un-carrier Next event was today, and to our surprise, the announcement is actually pretty sweet. Thanks to "Netflix on Us," customers with two or more T-Mobile ONE lines can now get Netflix for absolutely nothing every month. This is an addition that I think everyone can get on board with.

It's pretty simple - starting September 12th, ONE customers with 2+ voice lines will be able to activate their free standard Netflix 2-screen subscription online. This doesn't include customers who joined T-Mobile via promotions like Unlimited 55+ or the 2 for $100 deal; they'll have to switch to a normal ONE plan, which is unfortunate. If you already pay for Netflix on your own or want to upgrade to a higher tier, T-Mobile will actually cover the cost of a standard subscription for you. Also included with your Netflix activation will be T-Mobile's Family Allowances program at no extra charge. You can see the landing page for Netflix on Us here.

T-Mobile is also running a "Netflix Meme-a-thon" from 9am PT to 5:30pm PT on September 7th (tomorrow) in which fans can answer hourly questions from the company's Twitter account about their favorite Netflix-related quotes, GIFs, and memes. T-Mobile will be giving out prizes like smartphones, Netflix and T-Mobile swag (T-Mobile ONEsies are mentioned, for what it's worth), and BingeBoxes (boxes with popcorn, expensive headphones, etc). You'll even be able to enter to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Stranger Things season two premier, and a total of 11 tickets are being handed out. The winners will be announced at the end of the "Meme-a-thon" (5:30pm PT).

This free Netflix deal has been confirmed as exclusive to T-Mobile in the US by T-Mobile's COO, Mike Sievert. Sorry, Verizon customers who were hoping it'd come to your new rewards program.