OnePlus has always been praised for having clean, near-stock software, and a big advantage of this is that updates are much easier to push out. Case in point: the OnePlus 3 has already received Android 8.0 Oreo via the closed beta group, with the newer 3T and 5 receiving it soon as well. Plus, OnePlus is hoping for an Oreo public beta by the end of September.

The Shenzhen-based company is reportedly aiming to be seen as "quick to update." It's a bit strange how the OnePlus 3 is receiving this beta before the newer 3T and 5, but hey, it's pretty nice to see this much support for an older device. The 3's build still isn't ready for prime time, with nonfunctional NFC, buggy WiFi, unstable hotspot, and wonky Bluetooth. In a message to the closed beta, the company mentioned that there was a high chance that OTAs/upgrades could go poorly, so many would have to take logs if anything went wrong. The company isn't playing around.

OnePlus is ambitiously gunning for stable builds for the 3, 3T, and 5 by mid-September, with a public beta by the end of September. If everything goes according to plan, OnePlus will almost certainly be the first company to offer an Oreo update to its users. And if anyone from OnePlus is reading this: we know you didn't want the public to know about this, but well done regardless.

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