The Galaxy S8 and S8+ took their sweet time to get a software update that would enable Daydream compatibility, but it appears that won't be the case for Samsung's latest and hottest flagship, the Note8.

According to a Samsung spokesperson who talked to NieuweMobiel, Daydream support will be enabled out of the box for the Note8 so you won't have to wait months for any software update to let you slip that shiny phone into your Daydream headset and turn it into a window for VR content... and probably be one of the test subjects for the new Note's capacity to not burst into flames when overheated. I kid, I kid.

With Daydream headsets being discounted left and right recently, it shouldn't cost you much to grab one and see what all this VR fuss is about. Besides, if you already paid for the Note8, a few dozen dollars shouldn't break your wallet.