Android Oreo displays a persistent notification for each app running in the background, to give the user a better idea of what is happening on their device. But for power users that frequently run apps like Tasker and LastPass, the notification can be plain annoying. Thankfully, there's now an easy way to hide it forever - an app by developer 'iboalali.'


From left to right: The app's main screen, PIA VPN without the app, PIA VPN with the app

The app, simply called "Hide 'running in the background' Notification," does exactly what the name implies. Once you install the app, just grant it Notification Access, and the annoying background messages go away instantly (if not, just reboot your device). It's a much nicer solution than the earlier workaround using Tasker. Like the Tasker solution, it works by snoozing the Android system's notifications for an extremely long period of time.

Not only is the app free, it's also completely open-source. If you like it, feel free to give the developer a donation from inside the app. However, the app currently only works with devices set to English, but more languages will be supported soon.