The bug watch continues here at Android Police. It's not that we love these infamous little buggers that annoy us by breaking things that used to work or completely blocking us from using certain features, it's that we think you might appreciate knowing you're not the only one if you were facing the same issue, and we may, just a little bit, believe that highlighting something on this site helps get it fixed a teeny bit faster. (Just nod and agree, for our ego.)

The latest bug to fall on our radar is affecting users on Android Oreo who have noticed that Gmail keeps running in the background, trying to sync, but failing. When they open the app to check their email, the app shows it's syncing but no mails load. The issue seems to only be there if you have an Exchange account added in Gmail. And it looks like it's widespread: there are already two threads on Google's support forums with over a dozen users chiming in.

The ever-present Orrin community manager has posted on both threads to say he's reaching out to everyone affected to ask for bug reports. So at least we know Google is now actively looking into it. May the bug-squashing force be with them!