As I'm sure many of you know, Android has three distinct 'volumes' - one for media, one for the ringer, and one for alarms. Each has its own volume level, but unless you're playing media, adjusting the volume just changes the ringer - leading to the problem XKCD nailed in today's comic.

If you live under a rock, XKCD is an online comic strip famous for depicting relatable scenarios. For just about every situation you can imagine, especially tech-related ones, there is almost always a relevant XKCD strip. For example, Google's mess of messaging apps is perfectly summed up by this comic:

Today's strip perfectly sums up the problem with Android switching between ringer and media volume. Trying to turn down the volume before a video turns into a tedious ordeal, and if you're too late, you're often met with speaker-blasting audio. You can find the original comic at the source link below, and if you see someone complaining about Android's volume switching, you know what to send them.