The Galaxy Note8 is a ridiculously expensive phone. Most carriers and retailers are charging around $1000 for the device, but most people expected discounts would start shortly after the phone's launch. Sure enough, T-Mobile has now announced its BOGO (Buy One, Get One) program for the Note8.

Starting 9/1, customers who buy a Note8 can get a second Note8, Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S8+ for free. After you pay for both devices, you have to complete a rebate on T-Mobile's website, and within 6-8 weeks you will receive a prepaid MasterCard with the savings. And as you might expect, cancelling your service with T-Mobile will cause the remaining balance on both phones to become due. You also have to pay tax for the full price of both devices.

On the plus side, T-Mobile will still give you the BOGO discount if you already pre-ordered the Note8. The BOGO offer can also be used with the 'Samsung Do Bigger Things' promotion, which gets you a Gear 360 or 128GB microSD card when you buy a Note8. T-Mobile customers can find more information at the source link below.