One of the more exciting announcements at IFA in Berlin was the LG V30, the company's second flagship of the year. Much like the Galaxy Note8 with the Galaxy S8, the V30 is mostly a refined version of the LG G6 with a few additional features. LG has now uploaded a video showing off the phone's software enhancements.

The first feature shown off in the video is the V30's Always-On Display, which is customizable with different designs and toolbars. Next is the Floating Bar, which is the replacement for the V20's ticker display. Then we see camera features, like a 'cinematic zoom mode,' various camera effects, and 'Graphy.' Graphy contains a wide variety of manual setting presets, so you can still take advantage of the V30's manual mode without knowing what an aperture or ISO is.

The video then goes on to show the V30's voice recognition technology, which allows you to set a word or phrase to unlock the phone - even when it's turned off. Finally, we see the V30's Game Tools, which has shortcuts for taking a screenshot and scaling the app.

It remains to be seen how useful these features will be outside of marketing demos, but they all look promising. Hopefully LG can push Android 8.0 to this phone in a timely manner, as the now-outdated version of Android seems to be the only real problem with the V30's software experience.