Amazon's Echo is one of the most popular smart-speakers out there, and we've pointed out discounts on it before. Not only is today's the lowest we've seen, but it also comes with a few treats. If you've been waiting for a bonus to sweeten Amazon's Alexa-powered pot, right now over at QVC, you can pick one up for just $75, along with three vouchers for Audible books, and two months of Music Unlimited (three for new subscribers). What a savings... savings... savings. Is there an Echo in here? 

Just a couple weeks ago we were excited to see it hit $99, so $75 is crazy.

If you've never bought anything off, you might even be able to save an extra $5 with the code FIVE4U. That could bring the price down to $70, which is $30 less than what it currently goes for on Amazon. And Amazon doesn't give you any of these extras.

While it's easy to put a price on the two to three months of Music Unlimited ($7.98 to $11.97), it's harder to quantify the Audible book vouchers, since prices vary. If your tastes tend towards the expensive, the vouchers could be worth quite a lot. For Audible subscribers, the free books might be enough to convince them to finally pick one of these up. You can even listen to your new Audible audiobooks on the Echo.