Packt Publishing has been doing a really cool Free Learning promotion for... Wow, almost two years now. Anyway, Packt is giving away a free technology-focused eBook every day. All you have to do is register an account and claim the book before the time is up and a new title replaces it. After that, it's yours to read online or download in one of three DRM-free formats. We thought a few people might be interested in grabbing today's selection: The Android Game Developer's Handbook.

Android-related programming books come up on Packt's list from time to time, but we don't mention a lot of them because they're outdated (by mobile platform standards) or rely on tools like App Inventor that hide all of the real programming. The Android Game Developer's Handbook doesn't have either of those problems – it was published almost exactly one year ago on August 2016, and it starts off with Java for most of the things you'll need to know, then delves into the Native Development Kit (NDK), C++, and OpenGL for serious optimizations.

To grab a copy of this book, head over to Packt's site and register for an account, then go to the Free Learning page and hit the big button to claim it. It's your call whether or not to leave the newsletters and promotional emails enabled. I can say from experience, Packt actually respects those choices.