The LG V30 definitely seems to be living up to the hype. LG finally revealed the phone officially at IFA earlier today (we have a hands-on that you should check out!), and now several carriers in the US have announced they will sell the device.

At the time of writing, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have stated they will offer the device when it's released later this year. On T-Mobile, the V30 will support the 600MHz spectrum that T-Mobile purchased earlier this year, so you'll be getting the best possible LTE coverage. The V30 will also support Verizon's Gigabit Class LTE and AT&T's 5G-but-not-5G.

It's definitely great to see that the V30 supports the latest and greatest in cellular technology, but will you be buying one? Let us know in the comments.