Sometimes there's nothing nicer than seeing an app you like get a new coat of paint. Today the popular app SoundHound was updated to v.8.0.2, bringing with it a brand-new look that makes it even easier to navigate and help you find the songs you love. Or, at least, the songs on the tip of your tongue you heard one time playing in a coffee shop that sounded kind of cool. Don't worry, SoundHound won't judge you for not knowing what it was. 

Before (left) after (right)

As soon as you open the app, you'll notice a huge difference. The changes above show what things look like when you search for a song between versions 7.6.3 and 8.0.2, and it's a drastic difference. Gone is the old hamburger menu, search system, and top-bar tabbed navigation. Now you get a single bottom bar with just three buttons. Left to right you've got history, search, and play. Each of those has also been entirely redesigned from the previous version.

One significant change that people might not like is that it seems that you can only now perform searches via voice input. So if you're scared to sing the lyrics to that song you'd like to find, you might be in for a difficult time. If there is a way to perform a search via text input in the new release, I can't find it.


Before and after for play (left two images) and history (right two images)

Both play and history look entirely different now, too. The former looks a lot like the new search screen, with a similar voice-driven interface. If you scroll down, you'll see most of the same features are present. You can still grab music from Spotify, check your favorites, etc. Functionality hasn't been lost, just moved.

History looks different at first glance, but it's basically just a landing page. If you actually go into something like the My Discoveries group, it looks almost the same as it did previously.


Before (left) and after (right)

Individual song listings haven't changed much, either. The only real difference is the added navigation bar at the bottom. So while parts of the app might look like they've changed, deep down it's mostly the same SoundHound you're used to using.

The full changelog from this latest version is short and sweet:


Your favorite music discovery and recognition app has an all new, streamlined look! SoundHound 8 recognizes songs faster, is easier to navigate, comes equipped with ‘OK Hound…’, the best way to find music with just your voice. Connect to Spotify account for full song playback and unlock real-time lyrics!
SoundHound 8 is a must-have for your music-filled life.

This latest update is live on Google Play, and ready to take all the off-key approximations of pop songs you're prepared to sling at it. If you are more into alternative, though, we've got your back. You can also pull down this latest update at APK Mirror, you hipster.