In its quest to make our lives easier, Google has recently taken on the travel industry by giving us search tools for flights and hotels, as well as an app to help us plan and organize trips we've already booked. Google Search already shows when a slight adjustment to travel dates can save us money, but now it's adding more robust tools for people whose travel dates are more flexible.

Tapping on the 'Dates' tab brings up a calendar view of date combinations and their respective prices, from green for cheap to red for expensive. If you have a set trip length in mind, the 'Price Graph' tab will show you how prices vary for different dates. These new features are available right away on mobile and will be coming to Google Flights on desktop later in the year.

Similar tools are also coming to hotel booking searches, where you can compare the nightly rates in a new calendar view. Price trends for a specific hotel also show the changes in rates over time. There's also a new map view for hotels and flights so you can see what savings could be made by flying to a different airport or slightly changing the area in which you stay.

With all these extra features Google Search is starting to look like a pretty good option for planning your next vacation, especially for those of us who want to keep the costs to a minimum (who doesn't?).