Cheap accessories are the best accessories. So if you're in the market for a new car mount, look no further than today's deal. Right now over on Amazon, you can pick up a Choetech universal suction-cup car mount for just $3.99. Your morning coffee might cost more.

There are a ton of different types of car mounts out there, but the salient point here is that it's the $4 type. It'll secure itself to your windshield (if that's legal where you are) or your dash, assuming the surface is smooth enough for it to work. It's also universal, fitting phones from 2" to 3.7" of width. Just double check the location and height of your volume buttons, as the sides might press against them if they're the widest point on your phone. A case might make that a non-issue, though.

It's even got a quick one-handed release, 360-degree rotation, and an 18-month warranty. If your car doesn't come with Android Auto, at least with this car mount and the Android Auto app you can approximate the experience on the cheap (as I do). Just be sure to use code 8ESTIKT7 at checkout to get the extra $2 off, or you'll pay the full $5.99 price.