Is Amazon's Echo Dot a bit too rich for your blood? If $44 is too much for an Alexa-powered smart speaker, $29.70 might be more to your liking. Right now over at Amazon you can pick up the Eufy Genie Smart Speaker, which includes Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and a 2W speaker in a compact Dot-like package. Although these are usually $34.99, they've been marked down by $5, making them one of the most affordable ways to get Amazon's Alexa in your home.

Artem's been playing around with one of these for a while now, and he was very impressed with it. It's a lot louder than Amazon's Echo Dot, and at $30 it's one of the cheapest ways to get Amazon's Alexa in your home. Though it doesn't have all the features that Amazon's first party Alexa devices have, you can use it to play music, answer questions, set calendars, check the weather, and even control your Alexa-compatible smart devices and services.

But, there are plenty of reasons to consider Amazon's Echo Dot over the Eufy Genie. The Eufy lacks Bluetooth connectivity — though it can at least take input via 3.5mm. Although Synaptics claimed that 2 mics were enough, it isn't as good at picking up your voice as the Dot. You also can't change the activation word on the Eufy Genie, and the Dot has some features like 5GHz Wi-Fi and "drop in" which the Genie currently lacks. Artem has also experienced a few hiccups with the audio on the Genie, but YMMV.

The Dot is relatively inexpensive at $45, but occasionally it does dip down to $40. If that last $10 makes a big difference and you're willing to sacrifice Bluetooth, 5GHz Wi-Fi, and a few Alexa features, then the Eufy Genie, with its much louder speaker, might be more your style. And you can grab one today for just $29.70.