A teardown of Google Maps v.9.58 turned up some signs that video contributions would become a feature in the very near future. If you're registered as a Local Guide, that time has come. Or at least it's coming, this seems to have only just started rolling out to members of the program today. It doesn't seem as though the videos are actually visible from the detail views yet, but that will probably come soon enough.

A post on the Local Guides Connect forum details the basic process as it invites members to begin submitting footage. Videos can be shot from within Google Maps, but they are limited to a length of just 10 seconds. Contributors can post up to 30 seconds of footage if it's recorded on another app and uploaded from the gallery. The web interface doesn't appear to accept video uploads yet.

Above: Demonstration of video recording inside Google Maps.

A follow-up post includes recommendations for posting better videos and includes a handful of examples. Most of them are simple panning shots across a storefront or inside of a business, but there is also an obligatory food-porn shot as an egg yolk is cut open. Short reviews are also permitted. Contrary to most of our instincts and the wisdom of many years with YouTube, Local Guides wants these videos to be shot in portrait mode, not landscape.

I've seen no sign of any videos in Google Maps yet, at least not the samples. There's no word on whether or not the videos are supposed to be live yet, but seeing as the submissions just opened up, they're probably asking for videos today so there will be more to see when it goes live in the future. The blog post doesn't mention if there's a review process for video submissions, but contributors are advised to read the review policy and audio content policy.

The ability to submit video is technically just now rolling out, so if you don't see it yet, it should be coming soon. It looks like Maps v9.60 is required, so you may want to grab it from APK Mirror if you're interested in getting started today. Oh yeah, and if you're wondering if this will earn points towards Local Guide levels, the current official answer is "Please stay tuned."