Bugwatch season is in full swing here at AP and Google Voice is the latest culprit. It was only in June when we last heard of issues with the service, which was to do with broken notifications. This time people are reporting that they aren't receiving text messages to their Google Voice accounts.

A number of users have taken to Google's help forum to voice their displeasure over the issues. The original poster said that her business uses 4-5 Google Voice numbers, and while SMS could be sent from their accounts and received by clients, responses weren't coming back. A few others have reported identical issues, relating to both the Android and web apps. After several hours, and after one user called Google out for being silent on the matter, an acknowledgment finally came. Google said:

"Thanks for reporting the issue you are experiencing with SMS messages. We're currently investigating.
Please stay tuned for updates. I'll post back when I have anything to share. "

Since then one user has posted to say the issue is resolved for them, while another said received messages still weren't being forwarded to their phone. Perhaps the problem has been mostly fixed but Google has yet to update the thread, it's hard to say right now. Let us know if you've been experiencing similar issues, and if things are back to normal. We'll update this post when we know more.