Chromebooks aren't just for a quick bit of browsing these days. Some people use them for general productivity, including those of us here at Android Police. So Chrome OS' latest addition to the Canary builds is something we can get excited about. As of a few days back, the Chrome OS Canary builds were updated to add a shortcut to a folder filled with recent-accessed files, making your work a few taps easier. Everyone loves an improved workflow.

I'm sure you remember the common refrain of 2012 and 2013, in which critics repeatedly proclaimed that Chromebooks couldn't be used for productivity. Whatever people might have thought in the past, it's 2017, and you can do work on a Chromebook. There might be some restrictions for those of us needing access to specific tools like GIMP or Photoshop. With the recent addition of Android apps, the few things you can't do are rapidly dwindling. But, even then, give me a fast enough connection to remote home to my desktop, and I can do almost anything.

Google's been on fire recently, adding features to Chrome OS seemingly as fast as the company can think of them. This latest addition of a "Recent" folder for quickly grabbing your last-accessed files is the sort of thing that can significantly decrease the number of clicks required to get work done. It'll take a while for the new folder in the Chrome OS files application to trickle down, though. It could be a few months before it makes its way to a stable release. At least, if it follows the standard Chrome release cycles.

This might seem minor, but when you consider how many people do work on their Chromebooks, every bit of time saved is time that can be spent better. Or, in my case, time spent being trash at Rocket League.