After months of our hopes that Android O's final name would be Oreo, Google has finally satisfied all of our hopes and dreams and named it after one of Nabisco's most famous treats. The unveiling might have only lasted for a few minutes, but in the latest video posted to the Android YouTube channel, Google shows the process of making the statue, as well as its official debut.

Unlike Android statues from previous years, the Oreo figure was actually motorized, making it a bit of a harder build than usual. We see the artists who built the statue, its assembly, its reassembly at Google (it was disassembled to fit discreetly in a wooden crate), and its unveiling when the giant timer for the eclipse placed at the Google campus reached zero.

Attendees were able to control the Oreo statue's pose with a tablet and then pose next to it. There was also black-colored ice cream handed out, which was presumably Oreo-flavored. All in all, it seems like this was a fun event. You can watch the full 1:21 video in the embed above or the source link below.