We already have some Final Fantasy games on Android, but the only good ones are ports of old games. That FFXV: A New Empire spin-off barely counts as a Final Fantasy title. Square Enix just announced a new mobile game that might actually be worth your time. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will bring content from the full FFXV to mobile devices, and you'll be able to try it for free.

The art style of this game is obviously a departure from the console games. However, Square Enix says all the main characters and the storyline from Final Fantasy XV on consoles will be included. So, it's sort of a mobile remake of FFXV. The controls have been adjusted for a touchscreen interface, but the Pocket Edition looks to have retained plenty of RPG depth.

The main story of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is told across ten chapters, the first of which will be free. The remainder will presumably be available as in-app purchases. Square Enix says it'll have all episodes ready to go when the game launches later this year. Pricing for the full game isn't available, but the old games are still selling for $8-16 in Google Play. This won't be cheap.