Facebook makes an app for Android, and it's aggravating in a myriad of ways despite frequent promises from Facebook that it would improve said app. That's why a good portion of Facebook users just log in via the mobile web or use one of the various wrapper apps in the Play Store. One of the most popular apps has been Swipe for Facebook, but it fell into disrepair a while back. Now, the dev has returned with a big v7.0 update and a promise to keep the updates coming.

Swipe for Facebook v7.0 is still a wrapper for the mobile web. That limits what it can do, but it manages to integrate Facebook and Messenger (with chat heads) in one app and includes full control of notifications. Here's everything that's new in v7.0.

Swipe 7.0.1:

  • Fixed issue with messages opening a page to send messages to yourself
  • Fixed with chat heads turning off when entering settings
Swipe 7.0:
  • A LOT of Pro features now available in Swipe Free
  • NEW Messenger Chatheads
  • NEW Native, Cacheable Views
  • NEW Blazing fast loading times
  • NEW Search & Filtering Engine
  • NEW Image/Video Uploader
  • NEW Bookmarks page
  • Added Swipe Bottom Bar Look & Feel option
  • Added Widgets to Swipe Free
  • See "What's New" in Swipe for full details

Swipe for Facebook is basically halfway between a mobile web experience and an app, but there are times you can almost forget it's not a native Facebook app. However, Facebook iterates features quickly and runs a lot of A/B tests. That makes it hard to keep a wrapper app working correctly, and probably contributes to the issues users experienced after a few months without an update.

The developer of Swipe for Facebook pledges to be better about keeping the app up-to-date. He does seem very... passionate about the app. You can read the strongly worded Reddit announcement for more details. The updated free app is in the Play Store, but the paid one is not yet live.

Swipe for Facebook
Swipe for Facebook
Developer: Happening Studios
Price: Free+

Swipe Pro for Facebook
Swipe Pro for Facebook
Developer: Happening Studios
Price: $2.99