One of the more exciting features in Android 8.0 is support for autofill providers; apps that can drop in your username and password without a bunch of clunky workarounds. The catch, however, is that apps need to be updated with this feature in mind. LastPass is already readying Oreo support, and you can check it out now in the new public beta.

Joining the LastPass beta is a snap—just head over to the Play Store landing page and register. After that, the beta build will be pushed down to your phone. This version also includes an adaptive icon, but what you really care about is that sweet, sweet autofill API. You'll have to dig into the settings to enable LastPass and confirm after the scary warning that you trust the app.

Currently, LastPass and some other apps can fake autofill by using the accessibility service and hit-or-miss popups. Oreo's system is much smoother and it actually works everywhere. Just open an app, tap the login field, and let LastPass do the rest. You will need to be on Oreo to take advantage of all the new beta has to offer, but it shouldn't be too long until that's available widely on Nexus and Pixel phones.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
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