No one likes auto-playing video, but auto-playing previews can be helpful in certain cases. Last month, Google began testing autoplaying videos for select searches (like movie trailers). Now the company is rolling out video previews more widely on its mobile Search.

Google Search already shows a carousel of related videos on some searches, especially ones with large amounts of video results (like tutorials, reviews, etc). Now these videos will play a short loop of the video contents, instead of a static thumbnail. My first complaint with auto-playing video is always an increase in data usage, but Google has addressed this by only playing video when you have a Wi-Fi connection. The company did not state if the video previews will have audio.

The new feature will roll out over the next week to the Google Search app on Android and Chrome for Android. I'm not seeing it on my own devices yet, but let us know in the comments below if you spot it. If you want to turn it off, simply go to the new 'Video' section of the Google app settings and switch autoplay to off.