It took a few months longer than expected, but the Essential Phone went up for pre-order in the US yesterday. Our friends north of the border didn't have any way to buy the phone at the time, but that changes today. The Essential Phone is now live on the Telus website... and that's all. Telus is the only place you can get the Essential Phone in Canada.

Telus is asking a pretty penny for the Essential Phone with pricing starting at $290 on a two-year contract. That runs you about $95 per month. A cheaper $85 monthly plan leaves the phone's price at $490. The un-subsidized price is $1050, similar to the Galaxy S8. All these prices are in Canadian dollars, by the way.

Telus has only the black model listed on the website, and the delivery date is listed as September 1, 2017. The 360-degree camera accessory will be available later for $270.

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