Earlier today in Barcelona, Spain, at about 5 PM local time, the driver of a white van deliberately drove though one of the city's most popular boulevards. This horrible tragedy killed somewhere around 13 people (there are conflicting reports), and has been labelled a terrorist attack by the local police. In response to this event, both AT&T and Sprint are waiving all fees to calling from the United States to Spain.

AT&T said in a statement, "Our thoughts are with the people of Barcelona and our customers who have friends and family there." The carrier will waive all charges (or apply credits) for calling to Barcelona (seemingly not to the rest of Spain) between today and August 19.

Sprint followed suit, with CEO Marcelo Claure saying, "We want to do what we can to help our customers stay connected to their friends and loved ones during this terrible time." Sprint is waiving all fees to the entirety of Spain from now until August 19, which also applies to Boost and Virgin Mobile customers. Verizon and T-Mobile have not yet made announcements, but we will update this post if they do.

Image credit: David Ramos/Getty Images