When things do look too good to be true, they might actually turn out to be just that. The Misfit Vapor was announced in January with what seemed to be a proprietary OS, but when it was later revealed that the smartwatch/activity tracker would run Android Wear 2.0, we were very excited. It suddenly became one of the best value-for-money Wear watches (well, if you don't care about NFC for payments) thanks to its activity tracker roots, big screen with ambient light sensor and no flat tire, interesting touch bezel for controls, 50m water resistance, $199.99 price tag, and integrated GPS to boot... Oops, sorry, that last part doesn't seem to be true anymore.

Talking on Instagram, the official Misfit account verified that the Vapor will offer "connected GPS." If that isn't clear enough, this explanation was also provided: "you can view your distance, steps, and calories burned on your wrist when you go for a run. Additionally, you can track your route, view step-by-step directions on a map, and collect data when your phone is paired and near you." And for more certainty, the official Vapor page now says "Connected GPS Location Services." Plus, I could have sworn that the official announcement post said the GPS was integrated, but it now also says it's connected.

That might not be a big letdown for those of you who already take your phones everywhere you go, but for those who were planning on exercising with just the watch while tracking their precise route through GPS, that won't be possible anymore. It's going to be the same as many other Wear watches and the same as most Fitbit bands: you'll need your phone to grab the GPS data.

Misfit still says it's finalizing the details ahead of the "end of summer" promised launch date, but I doubt it'd flip back again on this decision. Personally, I'm not too heartbroken over it, but I know many of you are going to be. However, I'm quite disappointed that the price is still $199.99 despite the removal of one important hardware component. Not cool, Misfit, not cool.

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