I still haven't wrapped my head around Sony's naming scheme, and already we have news on the next big phone from the manufacturer. A large number of renders and photographs of a dummy unit for the XZ1 leaked late yesterday. And, as the incremental name would suggest, the XZ1 looks almost identical to the XZ.

The leaked renders are from @OnLeaks by way of Versus, and the photographs are of a dummy unit, courtesy of Sony Xperia Ailesi. Again, not much seems to have changed compared to its predecessor. So if you liked the design of the XZ or the XZ Premium (both of which looked like basically every Sony phone in recent memory), then you should like this.

Specs are said to include a 5.2" display of unknown resolution. Since that's the same size as the XZ — the model its "XZ1" name would indicate it replaces — that might mean it will end up with a similar 1080p IPS display. It should also include a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 19MP primary shooter, Android 8.0, and may be waterproof. There does seem to be a bit of confusion about the precise dimensions of the phone. It should be 146.8mm x 73.4mm, the same width and height as the XZ. But, it could be anywhere from 8.2mm to 7.6mm thin.

With every other manufacturer in a race for slimmer bezels, Sony seems to be sticking to its own opinion. At least, for now. Though the design language seems a bit dated when compared to other recent phones, there's no accounting for taste. And on paper, the XZ1 doesn't sound bad. Let's just hope it isn't too expensive. Rumor has it we'll hear more at IFA in September.