Hulu is a streaming service that I've just never gotten into, despite the fact that I appreciate its premise. Regardless of that, the platform is still quite popular, so Android TV users who happen to watch Hulu may enjoy the app's latest update. Version 2.0.3 brings with it a few new notable things, as you will see in the changelog below.

  • You now have a whole separate page to peruse your Watchlist at your leisure.
  • We continuously strive to make our service more accessible to users with disabilities. We support text-to-speech features, which provide audio descriptions for all content – text, links, buttons, menus, you name it.
  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

The first two bullet points there are, obviously, the main reason we're talking about this update. Again, I don't use Hulu, but I can imagine that having an entirely separate page for your Watchlist would be very useful and convenient. And while less important to some of us, those new accessibility features are awesome to see (no pun intended) for those who do need them.

As usual, we have the apk (arm and x86) for you to download and sideload to your Android TV box. Just head on over to APK Mirror to get started.

Hulu for Android TV
Hulu for Android TV
Developer: Hulu
Price: Free