For some, Google+ is a great community filled with engagement and the exchange of thoughts and ideas. For others, it's a spam fest or a ghost town. Whatever the truth may be, Google is still sending some love toward its social media platform. A new tab has appeared in the side menu called Discover, which does exactly what you'd expect it to do: help you discover things.

This section is meant for you to find "personalized recommendations of posts to see, people to know, and communities to join." While not novel in the least, I think it will be nice to see all of those recommendations in one place, versus going to the separate "Communities," "People," etc tabs.

For now, this is limited to the web and iOS versions of Google+ (sad panda). Google also mentioned that the mobile app will be getting its own "Profile" tab for easy access to your personal page (yay!). I am not entirely sure if that's limited to the iOS app, though — it hasn't rolled out to any of my Android devices yet.