Here's some great news to start off your Monday: Opera is suddenly and abruptly killing off its Opera Max app. Opera Max was a free VPN service that aimed to compress data before it got to your device in order to lower data usage. Unfortunately, it is now no more.

In its blog post, Opera claims that Max is being discontinued because of its "substantially different value proposition than our browser products," and that it "represented a different focus for Opera." In other words, Opera wants to direct all focus to its bread and butter: browsers. Opera Max will not receive any more updates (the last one was around July 19th), and it's been taken off of the Google Play Store.

If you are an avid Opera Max user and want to continue using the service for as long as possible, the service will stay in place for existing users for an unspecified length of time, with more detailed information coming in "due time." And if you forgot what Opera Max is all about, you can still grab the latest Opera Max 3.1.42 APK over at APK Mirror.

(This is where I'd throw our app widget in, but I can't since the app's been delisted from the Play Store. Insert sad emoji here.)