Some of you might have noticed a new banner on the Google Home app in the Discover tab advertizing a deal on the SmartThings Hub. Luckily, that discount works regardless of whether you go through the banner or simply shop for the smart hub online, so you don't need a special link to save some dollars: it's half-off on several sites.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 is a small square-shaped gadget that plugs into your router and acts as a middleman between your different smart gadgets. It connects to Z-Wave sensors and lights and locks, ZigBee lights, many WiFi devices, and it even has Bluetooth connectivity. The full list of compatible devices can be found here. Everyone who uses it praises how versatile it is at letting you set up scenes and automations so that things happen around the house without any manual intervention. There's an Android app to program everything and you can control things with voice if you have a Google Home or an Amazon Echo device.

The Hub v2's official MSRP is $99.99, but it often dips to $79.99. The $49.99 price only happened once before — last year around Black Friday — so it's a pretty rare discount and one you might want to think about if you're considering an extension to your smart home that might require different devices to work better together.

You can find the discounted $49.99 price on Amazon, Best Buy, and SmartThings' official site. There might be more, but I've checked several other places and it was out of stock there.