VoLTE and WiFi calling are both features that have existed on multiple carriers for some years now, but until now, Sprint devices haven't been able to use them in conjunction with each other, save for two rather unimportant devices. The latest updates for the Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+ enable Calling PLUS, Sprint's lingo for its VoLTE - WiFi calling combo.

Previously, only the Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx and LG Stylo 3 featured Calling PLUS, but the S8 and S8+ line has now joined the ranks. The Sprint S8 and S8+ were already capable of WiFi calling (pretty self-explanatory), but not VoLTE (voice over LTE). To enable CallingPLUS, go to your settings and simply toggle the "CallingPLUS" on.

Here's the full changelog for the update:


  • The security of your device has been improved.
  • Wi-Fi Calling is now Calling Plus with new & improved features.
  • Enhanced Messaging new features.
  • Device stability improvements, bug fixes.
  • New and / or enhanced features.
  • Further improvements to performance.

The security improvement could be either the July or August security patch. Aside from the standard "performance improvements" and "bug fixes" bullet points, there are also reportedly new features for Enhanced Messaging. Unfortunately, they aren't specified.

The baseband version for both is G95xUSQU1AQGL. It's unclear if the update has already begun rolling out or if it will be soon as we haven't seen any reports, so if you have a Sprint S8 or S8+, let us know if you've received the update.