It seems like Motorola's latest just can't catch a break. Following the unfortunate news about the hardiness of the ShatterSheild display, it turns out there may be another problem with the screen. The Moto Z2 Force may also suffer from the "jelly" effect which results in a slight distortion of the screen on certain animations.

That should sound pretty familiar, as it's the same issue the OnePlus 5's display has. The problem with the OnePlus 5 was widely attributed to being the result of an upside-down screen. As a result, the display refreshes in the opposite direction, from bottom to top. Every other screen you use, from your TV to laptop, refreshes from top to bottom, so most of us are well acclimated to the slight distortion that occurs on movement. The inversion of that distortion can be jarring for some.

Daniel Marchena at XDA noticed the problem on his Z2 Force and recorded the video above. Of course, it's hard to tell how bad the effect might be based on a video. But as Android Police's resident expert on the subject — I returned my OnePlus 5 because of it — this looks exactly like the problem I experienced. There's no way to know what the cause is, or if it affects all phones. It could be variation between units, or a similar-looking effect with an entirely new cause.

Our own Ryan made a video of scrolling performance on his unit. He wasn't able to notice it himself, and I won't have access to one for a while yet. YMMV, though. Plenty of people never noticed it on the OnePlus 5.

When we start seeing teardowns, we might be able to tell if the display on this phone has also been mounted upside down, which could be an indicator. We probably won't know until someone takes the plunge on their $700+ phone.