I've just discovered that Walmart has over 4600 stores in the US and 11600 stores worldwide, it also employs more than 2.3M people worldwide. Whoa. If you're one of these and you usually struggle to keep tabs on your shifts and schedules, then there's a new app for you on the Play Store. It's still marked as "unreleased," which means it's in beta and could be filled with bugs... It might also be perfectly usable, you'll just have to try it out to see.

My Walmart Schedule is aimed at both associates and managers. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that by "associates," Walmart is just using a fancy way of saying regular employee.) It lets associates see their current schedule, claim unassigned shifts, and keep an eye on their holiday balance and time off. As for managers, they can check the store schedule and manage everything in advance.

The app is free and seems to be geographically-limited at the moment so do check it out on the Play Store to see if it's available to you, wherever your Walmart store is.

My Walmart Schedule
My Walmart Schedule
Developer: Walmart
Price: Free