LG will be at IFA in a few weeks with a new phone—well, possibly two new phones. The company's IFA invitations make it clear the heavily leaked V30 is happening, but a new report from ETNews points to a V30 Plus as well. This phone will have a few advantages over the V30, but it's probably only coming to South Korea.

The V30 Plus and V30 sound more similar than you'd expect for having different names. The V30 is expected to have 64GB of storage, but the V30 Plus bumps that up to 128GB. There will also be some division of features when it comes to wireless charging and Hi-Fi audio, but we don't know which phone gets which (the report isn't clear). Maybe the V30 Plus will have both, and the V30 won't get either. Or perhaps it'll be wireless charging in the V30 and Hi-Fi in the V30 Plus.

Both phones are expected to have the same body and 6-inch OLED display with a Snapdragon 835 and 6GB of RAM inside. The report claims that the V30 will sell for $700 and the V30 Plus for $875. In the case of the V30, that would be a price drop compared to the V20. We can't confirm any of this right now, but it's only a few weeks until LG takes the wraps off its latest device (or devices).