Doogee's new BL5000 has something for everyone. For instance, who doesn't want a battery with 5050 mAh capacity? You don't see too many people wishing their phone had less battery life, or less optical zoom on its camera, less RAM, less screen brightness, and so on. On these fronts, the BL5000 really delivers.

Let's establish the basics. The BL5000 has a 5.5" FHD display, putting the phone's size right in the typical flagship range. And that display, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, boasts top of the market brightness. At 650 nits, it is brighter than market leaders like the iPhone 7. That means seeing your screen clearly even in sunlight is a breeze.

The glossy rear of the phone is completely flat, with no camera bump whatsoever. That's especially impressive given the dual camera setup, boasting both 13MP sensors and 2x optical zoom.

As for the battery, not only does it have more than enough capacity to power even your longest days, you can charge it back up in a snap. With quick charging technology, you can get from 0% to 40% in just 10 minutes. On a full charge, you could play the most taxing games for 10 hours straight or use GPS navigation for 28 hours.

On the inside, you'll have more than enough memory with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage will cover the bases for most. The MT6750T SoC has 8 cores to handle all the multitasking you can throw at it. Not only can the phone connect you to your LTE network, it is ready for the LTE Cat-6 4G+ networks with even faster transfer speeds. Dual-SIM capability makes the BL5000 work for users around the world.

Of course, there's even more to the BL5000 than even this. We haven't gotten to the fingerprint sensor, the soft flashlight, the Android 7.0 operating system, and so much else. To learn more or to find the best retailer in your country, visit Doogee's official website.

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