It's like Motorola keeps shooting itself in the foot, over and over and over again. One of the most interesting Mods it announced to date, the Gamepad, will soon go on sale but you won't be able to buy it everywhere and it will cost a pretty penny.

How pretty? $79.99. For a few buttons and a 1035mAh battery. That's really pushing it. At $49.99, this would have been palatable. At $79.99, it's pushing the boundary of what Motorola can get away with and falls in line with the company's strategy of using its phones as Mods money grabs to maximize on its profit margin.

The other issue with the Gamepad mod's availability is that it will only be sold through Verizon, though it seems you'll still be able to purchase it even if you're on another carrier. You'll just have to live with giving some of the profits to Verizon.

If neither of these limitations deter you, prepare your wallet for August 25 since that's when the Gamepad mod will go on sale.